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Call 911

NON-EMERGENCY police, fire, or medical aid call:


TBRDA Communications employees are highly trained professionals who collectively work to support the answering many 911 calls each year and the dispatching of officers from 6 law enforcement agencies as well as 21 fire and EMS agencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

When you call 911, a call taker answers your call. At TBRDA 911 these positions are referred to as a telecommunicator (TC) or communication officers. A TC answers incoming emergency 911 calls or non-emergency calls, while a Communication Officer is dedicated to the handling of non-emergency calls.

While you are on the line, the call taker relays relevant information to a law enforcement or fire dispatcher who communicates with responders in the field. Dispatchers provide responders with information they need to act on your call for assistance. 

No doubt about it, from the call to the response, it is a well-oiled and modern public safety system utilizing computer-aided dispatch (CAD) to facilitate communications between the call taker, dispatcher, and responders, as well as through VHF.

Shift Supervisors

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