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Board of Directors

On October 4, 2021,  Tularosa Basin Regional Dispatch Authority was formed under a Joint Power Agreement Act (JPA), NMSA 1978, Sections 11-1-1 through 11-1-17 to establish, finance and operate a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). The County of Otero, the City of Alamogordo, and the Village of Cloudcroft make up the JPA and the Board members. 

The Board will meet once annually, every March with proper notice and in compliance with the Open Meetings Act Resolution.  TBRDA will also hold board meetings on an as-needed basis.

Board members are elected officials with representation that is reflective of the agency’s customer base. Seats on the board are allocated among Tularosa Basin Regional Dispatch Authority's member agencies. The terms are for a duration of one year, and there are no limits on the number of terms that can be served.

TBRDA Board Members- 2024

David Black
David Kunihiro
Jerry Ramirez
Alamogordo Fire Chief
Matt Clark
Otero County OES Director
Stephanie Hernandez
Alamogordo Assistant Manager
Vickie Marquardt
Otero County Commissioner
Pamela Heltner
Otero County Manager
Susan L. Payne
Alamogordo City Mayor
Shae Hemphill
Village of Cloudcroft Clerk
Mike Testa
Village of Cloudcroft Police Chief


The Board of Directors convenes annually and as-needed. Please refer to the agenda for public comment availability.

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