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Alarm Registration

Article 17-09, "Controls and Regulations for Alarm Users," defines an alarm system as a mechanical or electrical device primarily designed for fire detection, unauthorized entry, or robbery within a building. When activated, the system emits a sound or transmits a signal to notify the 911 PSAP.

This ordinance aims to reduce false alarms by:


1. Requiring alarm monitoring companies to make two phone calls to confirm accidental activation.

2. Implementing fines for alarm sites with repeated false alarms to discourage false activations.

3. Prioritizing response to nuisance alarm sites only after verification of an emergency through means other than the alarm.

4. Mandating the installation of equipment in new alarm systems to prevent false alarms.


TBRDA will be responsible for collecting alarm registrations and monitoring instances of false alarms.

TBRDA requires residents and business owners in Otero County to resubmit each year to ensure the correct information is updated in our system for the owner's safety. 

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